Process of Revision

Before I get started on the process of writing I would like to first talk about how unique the Humanities program is in that it offers an individualistic approach to improve writing. By this, I mean that I met with my professor once or twice or more for feedback on my writing. As well as, I was able to meet with any of the Humanities faculty. On top of meeting with them, we also met with Humanities Fellows who gave us feedback. This constant feedback is what allows us to improve my writing. On top of that, since this is a year-long course it offers us the space to be able to continually be working on it and improving it.

This essay took me a total of four drafts to get it right. I originally began this by reading an article that Dr. Denham gave us and then I annotated one of the poems that I wanted to use. I decided to go with the poem “With A Changing Key.” This poem called out to me and I annotated it and extrapolated a lot of meaning from it. As you see above this is a picture of the book with any annotations on it.

In order to write this essay and as I write my other essays I have to annotate the text I am reading. For this assignment, I annotated the poem and read Gadamer’s critique of Paul Celan’s poetry. A commonality that I saw between Gadamer and this poem is this idea of the “you” and “I” of the poem and the ambiguity of it. In doing so, this allowed me to analyze the poem through a Gadamer’s lens which was the purpose of this assignment.

Once I created my paper I’ve learned to read it out loud in order to catch any mistakes and that has helped improve my writing to a great extent. It allows me to catch these mistakes and going over my paper with others forces me to be able to think about the flow of the paper in order to allow the reader to understand what I am saying.

Towards the end of every assignment is when I work on the footnotes and other minor details as I wrap everything up. I typically use this cite Owl Purdue in order to help with my citations and become a better writer.

In summation, I’ve fallen in love with the process of editing and revising. It is truly the beauty of writing and with the help of the humanities, it has transformed the way I approach writing any type of paper and always being reflecting on whether or not I am using too many words or if I am being repetitive.