Lecture Review

Professor Garry Bertholf, “The Biopolitics of Race and the Post-Genomic Turn to Caste”

When Professor Bertholf spoke about BiDil it truly moved me. I knew racism exists and that is the misfortune we live in. Yet, I did not realize how this segregation has manifested itself in the sciences in the sense of prescribing certain individuals certain pills versus others.

Hearing about BiDil I became intrigued and angered that our government allowed for this to occur. The fact that this pill was advertised for African-Americans only triggered me to a great extent. The reason being is that what if a “Gay Pill” were invented and was advertised to turn gay people straight? That is first off absurd and second of all a direct violation of my identity and my pursuit to be happy in this world.

The medicine should be used universally and although some races are more susceptible to certain diseases it should not be discriminatory nor used to outcast a group and make it seem that a certain group of people are sicker than others. Specifically, it is not right for the government to have allowed for this to occur.

In order to move forward in our society, we need to start looking at each other as humans and not instantly discriminate base on skin color and race. We need to take a step back and see the true beauty in looking at one another as humans. Then and only then, may we live in a better world than we do today and accomplish truly exceptional things in the world we live in today.

Notes from my Red Notebook on this lecture!
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