Drag Show Review

When I was deciding where to go to college I needed a place that is accepting of queer students. When I arrive at Davidson I received so much love from the queer community. However, I noticed that we did not have any Drag Show at Davidson and proposed this idea along with Tifani Panek, another Humster, to Queers & Allies to have a Drag Show. We felt that we needed more representation for individuals who are in the queer community or not to be able to do drag if that is part of their identity.

Therefore, once the second semester came around we had a Drag Show! It was amazing and further proved what type of community Davidson fosters! It is a community where our differences shine and we are appreciated and taken care of. The number of people who showed up, queer or not was amazing to see the support that Davidson students have.

This is the poster that was used to advertise the Drag Show.