Hi there! Welcome to my Humanities Portfolio! I am a first-year student here at Davidson College and aspire to major in Neuroscience. First off, I would like to thank Dr. Denham, the faculty, the fellows, the librarians and the humanities students for an amazing year of learning!

In order to navigate my webpage please move the cursor to the top bar and select Revolution or Humanities to learn about my definitions of those two words. Then you may click on Something New to see some of the exciting things that I have done this year and the personal revolution I went through. The Writing tab has my research paper and another paper I wrote with the amazing revision process we undergo in Humes. On the side of each page is a search bar where you may enter a word or phrase you are looking for.

This portfolio showcases all the magical things we have been doing this year and how I’ve grown from my experiences and study trips. The Humanities Program has taught me so much and has been able to foster intellectual change within its community. It has truly altered my outlook of the human experience and I am so grateful to have been able to grow as a learner and person by taking this course and being able to understand the positive outlooks one person may create with a collective group.

Thank you!